Having Fun with Photography

autumn leaf colored blue lying on grass “Creativity is Intelligence having fun.’   I love this quote from Albert Einstein. Here are some examples of me having fun. manipulated photograph of snowman abstract shapes and forms Conundrum-Originally this started out as my photo of a soft-sculpture snowman wearing a scarf. northeastern illinois barn in winter deep snow drifts digital art background bright green Dreaming of Spring- I removed the boring overcast sky and added one of my digital paintings.

Ghostly Game -manipulated photos ghosts playing with ballGhostly Game-layered several of my photographs and used some editing tools and filters. manipulated photograph of tree trunk and burl Implosion-two photos and a fractal image give the look of an imploding burl on a tree trunk abstract art photographically-based colors shapes forms Mixing It Up-used 3 or 4 photographs plus some editing tools to get this effectOtherworldly manipulated photograph tree branches in winter moons Otherworldly-Can you guess what I used to get the ghostly lights? Pregnant duck riding the waves abstract digital art shapes forms colors whimsy humorPregnant Duck Riding the Waves – Can you see her?

Sea Dance black abstract digital art shapes forms colorsSea Dance

Startled Deer in woods manipulated photographDeer in the Woods  If you’re interested in seeing or purchasing any of my artwork, please check out my website at http://www.kathie-chicoine.artistwebsites.com


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