Is Digital Art -Art?

Sure, I certainly think so. Whether you use  a mouse and a paint program or brushes and paint or glass,  metal or nails -or toothpicks, for that matter – the creativity comes from within and not from whatever tools you choose to use.  What do you think? Yellow Brick Road - CopyYellow Brick Road

And the Winner Is ..... - CopyAnd the Winner is…..

Bubbling Up - CopyBubbling Up

Circular Thinking - CopyCircular Thinking

Dare - CopyDifferent

Explosion of Color - CopyExplosion

Foothills - CopyFoothills

Free as the Breeze - CopyFree as the Breeze

Fun and Games - CopyFun and Games

Heartbroken - CopyHeartbroken

In Deep Thought - CopyIn Deep Thought

Ka - Pow1 - CopyKa-Pow

Looking for the Exit - CopyStruggling to Break Out

Mosaic (1) - CopyMosaic

Mostly Linear - CopyMostly Linear

Opposites Attract - CopyOpposites Attract

Outer Space - CopyOuter Space

Over Easy - CopyOver Easy

Play Time - CopyPlay Time

Pot - CopyPot2PN

Pregnant Pause - CopyPregnant Pause

Seaside - CopySeaside

Shape Shifting - CopyShape Shifting

Singin' the Blues - CopySingin’ the Blues

Singular - CopySingular Beauty

Space Walk - CopyOuter Space

Suddenly Single - CopySuddenly Single

Triangulation - CopyTriangulation

WackyBird - CopyWacky Bird

If you’re interested in purchasing my artwork, or just interested in seeing more of it,  please check my website at


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