Alligator Snapping Turtle

Alligator snapping turtle with mouth open trying to lure fish This was fascinating to see. The turtle was completely motionless for a very long time,

Close up of alligator snapping turtle trying to lure fish by moving  the fleshy extension on its tonguejust waiting for a fish to swim by so he could snap it up. He looked  like a large rock at the bottom of the tank.  Males can live to be 50-100 years old and weight up to 175-220 pounds. The next photograph is  a close up of  its head. “The alligator snapper employs a unique natural lure in its hunting technique. Its tongue sports a bright-red, worm-shaped piece of flesh that, when displayed by a motionless turtle on a river bottom, draws curious fish or frogs close enough to be snatched.” ……   from the National Geographic website

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